BIMplement fully buils on the available results of the related BUILD UP Skills (BUS) and Construction Skills projects combining quality assurance with large scale qualification schemes. The results of the BIMplement project were uploaded to the open database of the PROF/TRAC project, a key BUS project in which nZEB technologies, professions and skills were mapped:

  • A self-instruction guide for implementing BIMplement methodology and Qualifications Framework in other countries and for other topics beyond ventilation and air tightness. (D5.2).
  • Methodology guide on qualification methodology, raising awareness methodology, methods and supports for contractors. (D5.5).
  • Training content and list of tools for BIMplement coach. (D4.2).
  • Tools and learning methods and qualification schemes for BIM workplace trainers. (D4.5).
  • Review and report of the qualification scheme on the pilot field labs, the experimental sites and realization of the BIMplement-guide. (D4.6).
  • BIMplement kit: pedagogical method that consists of 12-one-hour training sessions, that can be given to site operators by an employee of the company previously trained on the BIM process, the use of viewers, and the use of the BIMplement Kit (+ info).
  • “Maturity scan” tool: provides a general overview of the level of skills of all stakeholders, in terms of BIM, but also nZEB, airtightness and ventilation (+ info).
  • Catalogue of constructive elements: Software containing a library of elements that can be exported in IFC and imported from any BIM modelling program (+ info).
  • BUILD UP Skills advisor-app: instruction guide (+ info).
  • The Implementation service concept developed shows the possible alternative paths, approaches, and tools on how the methodologies could be applied in particular organisational settings. (D5.6).
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