The roots of BIMplement lie in the “Build Up Skills (BUS)” European project whose objective was to raise the skills of the white and blue collar workers in the construction sector in order to improve the quality of the “nearly Zero Energy Buildings”.

Alliance Villes Emploi – a network of local authorities active in local initiatives for employment – who was the coordinator of the French BUS pillar 1 In France, organized several meetings at local and at national level, that gave the opportunity to a thousand of stakeholders to share their views on the new competences required in the construction and the renovation of buildings. The “Building Information Modelling (BIM)” technology and process came out as a key issue: the challenge to reach was to convince the contractors and the SME’s to use this new technology, and to train their blue and white collar workers.

During a BUS meeting in Brussels, Alliance Villes Emploi met Dutch partners (ISSO and HIA) who shared the same views on BIM as a crucial tool to improve the quality of construction and renovation projects. They decided to work out a project within the frame of Horizon 2020: the core of this project is (a) to develop a framework of the new competences required to build and renovate nZEB buildings by using BIMand (b) to test, on experimental sites, the training of white and blue collar workers to acquire these new competences.

Partners from Belgium, Lithuania, Poland, Spain and France joined the project which was approved by the European Commission in April 2017.

Author: Alliance Villes Emploi (AVE), 15 May 2018

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