The Ministry of Housing and Bioclimatic Architecture of the Valencian region (GVA), through the Valencian Institute of Building (IVE), will update the “Catalogue of construction elements”, one of its “Official Documents” most used by designers.

The “Catalogue of construction elements” will be the support to gather, in BIM format, the information offered by the main tools developed by the IVE for professionals in the construction sector. The catalogue is a desktop computer tool that collects a large sample of constructive solutions, which provides information on its thermal, acoustic, waterproof, fire protection, etc.

With the Catalogue, designers can know the characteristics of the selected construction solutions and thus justify compliance with the requirements established in current regulations. Furthermore, from a set of material components, it is possible to design user solutions and calculate their physical properties, such as thermal transmittance, verify that interstitial condensations will not occur in the enclosures, their acoustic insulation, etc.

The objective is to transform the current catalogue into a web application from which the construction solutions in IFC format are downloaded, so that they can be imported from any BIM modeling program. The information currently offered by the catalogue will be complemented with that offered by other IVE tools. The table below details the documents that are implemented, the phase of the life cycle in which it is used, the agent it is intended for and the information it offers.

In conclusion, the Catalogue will offer a large library of building elements in BIM format. So that from a single model a large part of the necessary information of the building can be managed throughout its life cycle.

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