BIM technology is gradually being introduced in the construction sector. The European Union,
through its Directive 2014/24 / EU on public procurement, establishes the need for the use of
electronic means in the recruitment processes from 2018, making special reference to
electronic modeling tools and information of the constructions for the procedures of
contracting of works and contests of projects.

In this context, the European Commission finances the research project H2020 “BIMplement:
Towards a learning building sector by setting up a large-scale and flexible qualification
methodology integrating technical, cross-craft and BIM related skills and competences”.

The main objective is to create a new generation of professionals with skills in the
management of BIM as a transversal tool with a multidisciplinary approach among different
trades and professions.

This project, which has been recently approved, will last 30 months and has the participation
of countries such as France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Poland and Spain. The kick-
off meeting took place last October in Paris. At the meeting, the training methodology was
established through experimental BIM courses that will be carried out in different pilot

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