The first one day BIMplement training took place on the site of an office building under construction at Saint-Nicolas-lez-Arras (north of France).

Philippe Perreau (ASTUS) was the trainer.

The participants were:

  • 16 managers and white collar workers from 14 companies involved in the works
  • 3 representatives from the customer (KIC, a private office builder) and from the «control office»
  • 1 BIMplement coach, and 1 future «BIMplement master trainer».


BIMplement training BIMplement training


The comments of the participants confirm the interest of this training, as show these witnesses:

From the employee of the customer, KIC, who had to convince the enterprises to come to the training

« I was quite afraid before, because I was not sure that the companies would come to this training session. Most of them were reluctant, saying that they did not understand the interest of a training on BIM and related issues (airtightness and ventilation). But all of them came, and all of them were very happy with the training. We (KIC) plan not only to continue the BIMplement training at our St-Nicolas-lez-Arras site, but also to use BIMplement at the construction site of a 4.500 m2 office building in Valenciennes (nearby Lille) next year »

From managers and white collar workers:

« A very interesting training. I know now why and how the BIM model makes possible the positive interactions between the crafts… »

« I discover that BIM is a beautiful tool to do a quality work … »

« When you have low energy consumption goals, BIM is of great help… »

« I now see in BIM a tool that will solve the conflicts between the crafts at the workplace … »

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