Project presentation

  • Pilot Field Lab
  • Saint Nicolas-Lez-Arraz (FRANCE)
  • Office building (2 buildings)
  • Size: 800 mand 600 m
  • New construction
 Predicted energy performance: 60kWh / m2year 


The Zodiak project is an office building situated in Saint Nicolas-Lez-Arras, in the Territory “Hauts de France, constituted of 2 buildings, 600m² and 400m². There were two 3D models on the project (but, no BIM models): one from the architect who is the project manager, and one from the Structure building company


The one-day session for the building companies was held in September, 11, 2018. The program included a general presentation of BIM design and BIM use on site. 21 persons did participate, including 16 employees from 14 different companies.

Main results

This first Field lab made it possible to identify the stakeholders’ context and the objectives and contents of the future trainings for building companies.
It has also been the occasion to train a local BIMplement trainer that will disseminate the BIMplement training process in his territory.

Type of training BIM
Total number of companies involved 14
Total number of participants 24
White Collars 8
Blue Collars 16
Duration (days) 1



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