Pluralis Voreppe

Project presentation

  • Pilot Field Lab
  • Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, Voreppe (FRANCE)
  • Renovation of one multi-storey residential building
  • Size: 3000m(338 dwellings) 
  • Renovation
 Predicted energy performance: 68kWh / m2year 


BIMplement project concerns the energy and architectural renovation of one out of 3social residential buildings, built in the 70’s.
For this project, the general contractor has been the initial requester. The client became involved in the process only after a special awareness meeting where the BIMplement trainer presented and explained the interest for him to participate.


Several technical meetings have been organised by the BIMplement trainer with the general contractor in charge of the project in order to help the site manager analyse the available BIM models and understand how to improve them.
Training for 3 sub-contracting companies and general comp contractor (6 employees) have been held on February 18, 2019.

Main results

The main result concerns companies foremen who understood the interest of having access to data situated on a collaborative platform and accessible with a tablet.

Type of training BIM
Total number of companies involved 4
Total number of participants 9
White Collars 2
Blue Collars 7
Duration (days) 0.5


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