Technical offices, Vaucluse Department authority, Carpentras

Project presentation

  • Experimental site
  • Carpentras (FRANCE)
  • Technical offices
  • Size: 2932 m2
  • Construction phase
  • New construction
 Predicted energy performance: 100kWh / m2year 


The project consists in the building of the 2932m² Technical offices for the Road service of Department of Vaucluse (Public authority). It has been constructed in Carpentras.
The participation into a BIMplement process for this project has been requested by the local representative of a building trade federations (FFB Vaucluse– French federation of building companies). For this project FFB drafted a special “good practices charter in terms of BIM within construction contracts”


2 training sessions have been organised :

  • July, 17, 2019 : 11 participants,
  • January 15, 2020 :4 employees from the exterior joinery company

Main results

The second training session have been organised at the request of the joinery company. Thanks to this training, the company site managers were able to reflect on the airtightness issues related to their batch and to consider the help that the use of the model would bring to organize an optimum collaboration with the other trades.

Type of training BIM
Total number of companies involved 6
Total number of participants 11
White Collars 4
Blue Collars 7
Duration (days) 1


Type of training BIM + Airtightness
Total number of companies involved 1
Total number of participants 4
White Collars 1
Blue Collars 3
Duration (days) 1


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