Public common lodging-house

Project presentation

  • Experimental site
  • Vilnius (LITHUANIA)
  • Public lodging-house
  • Size: 1503 m2
  • Construction phase
  • Reconstruction
  • A Energy efficiency class
 Predicted energy performance: 40kWh / m2year 


Existing the public common lodging-house (Old) building was built in 1983. Today this building does not meet the modern functional and service needs of the institution. The structures and engineering systems of the existing building are worn out and do not meet modern requirements for energy efficiency, hygiene, comfort, safety and other requirements.
The reconstructed building is designed with 2 floors, maintaining the height of the existing building, increasing the building area and expanding it to a useful area of 1,500 m2. The volumetric solutions and functional planning facilities of the building are minimalistic, selected according to the intended operator functions. The project envisages the installation of temporary and long-term accommodation and administrative premises.

More information

Exchange (Employer) information requirements (EIR) for BIM model development were included within Client public procurement requirements for Detail design (S4), Construction (S5) and As-build (S6) project stages.BIMplement trainings were aimed at how to improve efficiency and quality of detailed BIM model, exploit the BIM model at the construction site and at the end to prepare “As build” BIM model for use within exploitation and maintenance, while manage BIM model information and implementing requirements for ventilation and airtightness.Main communication during the development and coordination of the model also trainings took place in a WEB CDE Trimble ConnectDue to the COVID-19 crisis, to avoid risks, communication between all detail design and contractor project team BIMplement WEB trainings were organised from 2020 04 month till 2020 08. 2 onsite training sessions with Blue collar team members were organized at Construction site premises.

Type of training BIM + nZEB + Ventilation + Airtightness
Total number of companies involved 8
Total number of participants 13
White Collars 8
Blue Collars 5
Duration (days) 0.5


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