PKP Train station, Gdańsk

Project presentation

  • Experimental site
  • Gdańsk (POLAND)
  • Public building: train station
  • Size: 8104 (m2)
  • Renovation
 Predicted energy performance: 115kWh / m2year 


The reconstruction of the train station in Gdańsk is aimed to recreate the original condition of the building, i.e. the architectural form of the facade and roof, renovation of the steel joinery of the windows located in the hall with glass filling in the form of stained glass, recreating the historical layout of some rooms or the colours of the passenger hall. In addition to the reconstruction and renovation of the main body of the station, it is also planned to rebuild and expand the communication section connecting the station with the existing city tunnels and platforms.

Type of training BIM
Total number of companies involved 1
Total number of participants 9
White Collars 0
Blue Collars 9
Duration (days) 4


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