ISSO ‘enriching building and installation details’


ISSO is publisher of a set of building and installation details. These details are used by for example architects, engineers and work planners. Currently most of these details are available in 2D. Challenge of this ISSO internal Pilot Fieldlab is how to use the power of BIM-models to transform the 2D-details into information rich 3D details that are not only usable by architects, engineers and work planners, but also by technicians in the office and workers on the construction site.


The goal of this Field Lab was to find out how to build up 3D building and installation details that can be enriched and ready for automated connection to relevant information in the future.

Solution developed in the Pilot Fieldlab at ISSO

ISSO developed for several building and installation details a BIM-model in IFC. The model can be used in IFC-viewers for selecting specific components. Based on the 3D-model 2D references are generated. To those models layers for airtightness and waterproofing have been added.

Relation to the Qualification Framework for airtightness

The Qualification Framework for airtightness was applied on the details in play. The reference detail now provides clear insight for all occupations involved where airtightness measures have to be taken. In the future task based instructions for occupations involved can be added.

Next steps

As next steps in the development challenge ISSO will work on

  • Use the developed detail in collaboration with work planners in order to check if the developed BIM-model is robust and flexible enough for them to use it for further enrichment. For example by connecting the reference airtightness measure to a specification for to be used materials and a work instruction for craftsmen involved.
  • How to connect the 3D detail automatically to relevant information, for example a suppliers instruction on how to apply a certain material; or a quality check protocol to visually document the realised quality
  • Within the knowledge bank website of ISSO a web-based BIM-viewer will be integrated. This was at the end of the BIMplement project in test phase.
  • How to generate step-by-step work instructions via scripting.
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