Heembouw: Production facility Hordijk

Project presentation

    • Experimental site
    • Zaandam (The Netherlands)
    • Office building
    • Size: 24000 m2
    • New construction

 Predicted energy performance: 22kWh / m2year 


The project consists of building a new production facility for a manufacturer of packing materials. Their current facility is located just across the street in Zaandam, The Netherlands. The total size of the building is just under 24.000 m2 and consists of an office of 1.300 m2 and a production hall of 22.300 m2.
The production hall and office are built on a prefab pile foundation with a steel framework, hollow core slab floors and a metal facade.

Training sessions

The results of Heembouws’ Pilot Field Lab were tested in this project training session. The work-place coach used the first version of the step-by-step guide of the low trim roof detail to validate the results with the roofing companies Primadak and Cladding.
The roofing companies were instructed on how to read the step-by-step guide and how to relate the information to the IFC-model of the project. They were also asked to help better the detail and step-by-step guide by providing tips and giving insight in their work methods. This led to a better aligned detail and a more condensed step-by-step guide.

Type of training BIM + Airtightness
Total number of companies involved 3
Total number of participants 9
White Collars 3
Blue Collars 6
Duration (days) 1


The stakeholders

Contractor: Heembouw
Heembouw is a medium-sized Dutch construction company with a focus on sustainable building, maximizing client satisfaction and an innovative approach through the use of BIM.

Architect: Heembouw Architecten
Heembouw Architecten was founded in 1996 as Habeon Architecten. The architects are a full-service BIM company and provide integral solutions for their clients.

Owner: Hordijk Verpakkingsindustrie Zaandam
Founded in 1922, Hordijk Verpakkingsindustrie Zaandam is a Dutch top 100 production company in plastics packaging. They design and produce for various domestic and foreign industries and specialize in packaging foods.

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