Faculty of Architecture and Management Engineering – Poznan University of Technology

Project presentation

  • Experimental site
  • Poznań (POLAND)
  • Public building – University
  • Size: 19931 m2
  • Design & built phase
  • New construction
 Predicted energy performance: 40.82kWh / m2year 


The building has a simple shape, which consists of three floors above ground and one underground. The atrium is completely glazed and acts as a courtyard. The building is NZEB, which means that energy will be taken from the ground using heat pumps and from the sun thanks to solar cells. This will allow to reach 80% of the energy needed to heat the building in winter and cool in summer.

Type of training BIM
Total number of companies involved 1
Total number of participants 6
White Collars 0
Blue Collars 6
Duration (days) 3


Entities involved


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