BECSA: employment, training and entrepreneurship office

Project presentation

  • Experimental site
  • Valencia (SPAIN)
  • Office building
  • Size: 714,66 m2
  • Construction phase
  • Renovation
 Predicted energy performance: 115kWh / m2year 


Existing building with two facades and six floors above ground where dwelings with offices coexist. The renovation has been carried out only in the offices located on the ground floor, mezzanine, first floor and second floor. The reception, waiting room, offices, coworking space, training rooms and toilets are located in the renovated part.

More information

  • TRAININGS: 17, 24, 31 October, 8 November 2019 + online
Type of training BIM + nZEB + Ventilation + Airtightness
Total number of companies involved 2
Total number of participants 22
White Collars 4
Blue Collars 18
Duration (days) 2


Entities involved



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