The project aims at destructing the present swimming pool and building a new one. The first phase will consist in demolishing the present secondary buildings and building the new equipment, and a part of exterior landscaping. The second phase will include the demolishing of the present covered swimming pool, the creation of a “pantagliss” and the final landscaping.


In terms of BIM, although the client (Dijon Métropole) was not especially eager to manage a BIM project, the architect (Coste Architecture – Paris), who is used to work with BIM, proposed the client to enter into a BIM process. As a consequence, the client decided to launch a call for bids to appoint a facility manager and specify with the selected company what would be the use of the BIM model.

In a first phase (end of 2017) a training session was organized with the client’s technical staff in order to:

– train them to manipulate BIM viewers

– make them understand the BIM process and its benefits

Later, on 21st February, a first BIM synthesis meeting was organized with the architect and the companies in charge of executing BIM models. The BIMplement objectives were presented during this meeting. A second meeting will be organized in July 2018 to present a “BIM training pack” developed in the framework of BIMplement project and establish a training schedule.

maquette formation

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Author: ASTUS-Construction, 12 June 2018

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